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Stewardship Ministry

Stewardship is the lifestyle of one who accepts Christ's Lordship–walking in partnership with God and acting as God's agent to manage His affairs on earth.
Through this ministry, we can show our love for God through the holistic offering of time, talent, and treasure to Him, through Christ’s Holy Church. By this offering of love to our Father in heaven, He further extends the healing experience of His Church to His children, through Her ministry.

The mission of the Stewardship Department is to emphasise the lordship of Jesus Christ, to enhance the integration of the gospel into the Christian lifestyle, to encourage faithful stewardship, and to facilitate the individual, corporate, and leadership dimensions of stewardship as partnership with God.

Join us!

Membership is open to all Catholic parishioners with the following qualification:
• 18 to 60 years old
• A practicing Catholic
• A resident of the parish community

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