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Music Ministry

Glorifies God through planning, preparing and presenting of culturally relevant and inspiring worship experiences that move people to resound actively to work of Christ in their lives thru music.

One way of encouraging this sense of unity and common purpose as the Eucharist begins is to choose music that is well known to the assembly and an appropriate introduction to the celebration.

The Role of Music in Sunday Mass
To begin with the Entrance hymn, its purpose is to open the celebration, foster the unity of those who have been gathered, introduce their thoughts to the mystery of the liturgical time, and accompany the procession of the pries and ministries.

Join us!

Membership is open to all Catholic parishioners with the following qualification:
• 18 to 60 years old
• A practicing Catholic
• A resident of the parish community

For inquiries,
• contact Sis. Janice Antonette Reyes at
- Email:
- Call: 9220197/ 09204203752

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