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Mother Butler Guild

The Mother Butler Guild Apostolate or ministry is a vocation. It is a mandated national religious organization of Catholic laywomen whose service is to provide for the sacristy needs and maintain cleanliness and beautification of the altar of the church.

The Mother Butler Guild members are called to become Servants of Jesus, our Servant God, handmaids of the Eucharist and housekeepers of the Lord.

Join us!

Membership in the MBG is open to all Catholic laywomen residing in a parish with an active MBG unit. She must be:
a. Living the Catholic way of life
b. Married in the Catholic Church (a witness to being a faithful wife and good mother, if married)
c. Not involved or engaged in a profession or occupation that is illegal or immoral

For inquiries,
• contact Sis. Ma. Socorro Cacho & Sis. Dominga Solio at 2605021/09103447131.

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