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Ministry of Lectors

A community with a deeper relationship with the Word of God. The lectors responsibly taking upon themselves the duty and privilege of bringing the Word to life, giving voice to God’s love, healing, and mercy, achieving the purpose for which He sent it. The lector becomes a prophet – one who speaks for God.

As Lectors of the Holy Family Parish, we proclaim the Word of God so that it will continue to take flesh before the Assembly at every Mass. And to increase the faith of God’s people and encourage them to discipleship by proclaiming the Word of the Lord with clarity and conviction. Bearing witness to Jesus Christ through our words and actions.

Join us!

Membership is open to all Catholic parishioners with the following qualification:
• 18 to 60 years old
• with good reading & speaking skills & willing to be trained & attend the Basic Orientation seminar at the Diocese.
• Will undergo initial screening by a panel of lectors. Final screening & approval by Worship Ministry Head

For inquiries,
• contact Sis. Leonora Catchuela at 09178841823

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