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Ministry of Alter Servers

The Ministry of Altar Servers is group of young servers assisting in the Parish Liturgical and Religious celebrations. Its main goal is to encourage young men and women to become worthy guards of honor to the Eucharistic King and to enkindle greater piety and devotion to Christ through the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

The role of the Altar Server is to assist the Priest in the celebration of the liturgy during Mass. These include:
• Caring for the altar candles
• Bearing the cross and candles in the entrance procession
• Assisting with holy water, water, wine and offertory gifts at Mass
• Assist the priest celebrant and deacon as necessary.

Join us!

All catholic boys 11 years and up who have received the first holy communion are welcome to join!

For inquiries,
• contact Bro. Edward Pia at 09675286468

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