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Family & Life

The mission of the Family and Life Ministry is to implement programs that support and strengthen the dignity, harmony, and stability of the family, the ‘domestic Church’, the first school of evangelization. It focuses to deepen appreciation of and enlightenment on the sacredness of life, the importance of sacramental marriage, responsible parenthood, enrichment of married-family life; and to provide assistance or guidance to address special problems of different members of the family.

• Runs the pre-cana program for about to be married couples
• Organizes mass weddings yearly for the parish called “Kasalang Bayan”.
• Assists in organizing Baptism and Confirmation for children and young adults.
• Conducts Natural Family Planning seminars and engages families to serve in the Holy Mass
• Provide a spiritual support system to the families in the parish

Join us!

Membership is open to all Catholic parishioners with the following qualification:
• 18 to 60 years old
• A practicing Catholic
• A resident of the parish community

For inquiries,
• contact Bro. Willy And & Sis. Ces Jose at
- Email:
- Call: 5186219/ 09175331739/ 09985821281

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