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In the early 1970’s, Barangay West Kamias  belonged to the Sacred  Heart Parish in Kamuning , while Barangay East Kamias  was part of the St. Joseph Parish.  By the late 70’s Barangay West  Kamias then became a part of the St. Joseph Parish. Our journey as a parish began in January 1980 when it was learned that a lot at cors. K-I and K-7th Street was owned by the Archdiocese of Manila .  Kamias residents wanted  to  build a church on that site. On February 9, 1980, after an audience with Cardinal Jaime Sin, Archbishop of Manila, the members of the community were granted permission  to build a church. Cardinal Sin requested that the church be named in honor of the Holy Family. A wooden structure  was  erected immediately. By February 17, 1980,  regular Sunday masses were celebrated  by assigned priest, Fr. Sebastian. A steering committee was then organized to raise funds for the construction of the church.

On September 21, 1980, Cardinal Sin visited the site and said mass inside that small wooden church. He was impressed at how fast they were able to build it and was convinced of the capability of the community to support their own parish. During that mass, Cardinal Sin announced the establishment of a new parish composed of Barangay East Kamias, Barangay West Kamias, Barangay  Malaya ( now part of Divine Mercy Parish) and Barangay Pinyahan( now San Isidro Labrador Parish). On December 7, 1980, the Holy Family Parish was established and Rev. Fr. Manuel Borlongan was designated as the first parish priest. The laying of the cornerstone for the parish church was held on May 24, 1981 and construction of the parish church began. The first parish fiesta was celebrated on February 14, 1982.

On November 1984, Fr. Cesar Macariola was installed as the second parish priest. With the support of the Parish Pastoral Council, Fr. Cesar  Macariola worked to unite the four barangays as one parish, conducting seminars on Basic Christian Communities. Through the Basic Bible Seminars,  graduates of these seminars started the bible sharing groups  in their own neighborhood.    The construction of the  church was  in full swing and on May 28, 1989, the canonical blessing and dedication of Holy Family Parish Church was celebrated by no less than  His Eminence Jaime Cardinal  Sin.

In June 1989, Fr. Roger  Parian was installed as the third parish priest. He continued the Basic Bible Seminars and sharing groups.  On February 11, 1990,  the  new parish rectory was inaugurated and on May 1990 the  new Adoration Chapel was blessed  . The  Parish Pastoral Council functional committees WESTY  ( Worship, Education, Service, Temporalities and Youth) committees were organized.  The chapel at Makisig street at Bgy Pinyahan was transferred to a bigger place at Malakas St. (this is the current site of the San isidro Labrador Church today). The parish  participated in the the newly organized PPCRV for the elections that year. In October 1991, the San Lorenzo Ruiz chapel and mortuary was built.

The building of a Parish Formation Center was planned and the structural design was prepared by Engineer Belarmino. In February 1993, the ground breaking ceremony for the Parish Formation Center was held. Through various Fund raising  campaigns,

P 500,000.00 was raised and the construction started in 1993. Our parish became one of the pilot parishes of the Family Life Center. Monthly recollections were held and the parish published a newsletter in preparation for the coming of Pope John Paul II. During the World Youth Day celebrations, our parish hosted 100 Malaysian delegates. At this time the parish was composed of three barangays as Barangay Malaya became a part of Our Lord of Divine Mercy Parish in Sikatuna village.

In March 1995, Rev. Fr. Arnel Recinto  was installed as the fourth parish priest.  His first project was the completion of Formation Center.  The center was blessed in March 1997  by His Eminence Jaime Cardinal Sin.  Parish Discernment Seminars were conducted to define the parish vision and mission.

The Pastoral Council crafted its constitution and by-laws.  Formation programs like the Basic Bible Seminars, PREX, PLSS, retreats and recollections were regularly conducted. HFP organized a Vocations Foundation to support young parishioners who want to become priests. Social services conducted medical and dental clinics, skills training, and job fairs. The Adoration chapel was renovated and inaugurated by Bishop Ted Bacani on February 14, 1999. The church altar was enhanced with a gold leaf embellished  retablo  called Dambana ng Milenyo. By February 2000 the new altar was blessed  by Cardinal Sin and the San Isidro Labrador Chapel  in Barangay Pinyahan was elevated to a Quasi-parish , making Barangay East and West Kamias as the composition of  the Holy Family  Parish.

Rev. Fr. Joselito Irlandes  was Installed as the fifth parish priest on November 19, 2001.  All formation and social services programs were continued. With the help of the lay organizations, the Formation Center was renovated and repainted. Airconditioning units were installed  on the second and fourth floors.  On August 28, 2003 the parish became part of the newly created  Diocese of Cubao  with Bishop Honesto F. Ongtioco as the first bishop.

On April 24, 2006, Rev. Ben Arceno was installed as the 6th parish priest.  He  worked  towards the building of BEC’s which was then the focus of the diocese. He actively celebrated area  masses regularly to promote BECs.  All ongoing parish formation and social service programs continued. He initiated Libreng Binyag and Kasalan and the Dalaw  sa Barangay ng Banal na Pamilya. Fr. Ben held strategic planning seminars   and aligned pastoral plans with the new diocese agenda .  During the typhoon Ondoy, he spearheaded relief efforts for the affected parishioners. The parish office was repaired due to damages caused by the flood waters.

Rev. Fr. William Garcia was installed as the 7th parish priest on January 16, 2012. As parts of the church were beginning to show signs of aging, repairs were made to reinforce the church ceilings , roofs, the Adoration Chapel and the Formation Center. Stained glasses were installed at the church doors. A baptismal font was constructed at the church’s main entrance. He  encouraged a wider participation of the community through, parish fiesta celebrations, visits of relics of saints, pilgrimages, enhanced liturgical celebrations.  Parish youth participation was encouraged and talents were honed through the youths’ active involvement in church activities.  Parish planning was held every year.  The parish vision and mission were restated to align with the Diocesan vision and mission.

Rev. Fr. Louie Caupayan was installed on June 30 2018 as the current parish priest. He worked immediately on improving further the church. He organized the Pastoral Council, and a Pastoral Plan was laid out.  This plan included the establishment of the stewardship program, to assist in funding all the formation programs set by the council.  A construction team was organized as well to take charge of the major renovations  needed by the church.  All the facilities in the Formation Center were improved and repaired; airconditioners were replaced with new ones, and the third floor was refurbished to serve as the dedicated place for all programs of Parish Approach to Rehabilitation and Formation (PAREFORM).  The church became fully airconditioned and glass doors were installed .


All initiatives of organizations and ministries were gradually aligned to the new DCPA 8 Diocesan Plan to adhere to the needs of the times, and as a means of bringing more people back to the church’s fold.  PAREFORM, one of the church’s flagship programs for persons in recovery was undertaken as the church response to the needs of those with drug dependency, with the Barangay, the Police and the Quezon City Government partnering with the parish.  Aside from PAREFORM, essential formation programs such as the Parish Renewal Experience  (PREX) and Catechism classes were also revived.


As the lively community continued to grow in faith, this unfortunate COVID 19 pandemic closed all churches.  The parish journey however continues with Fr. Louie’s thrice a week procession of the Blessed Sacrament around all streets of the parish. As he blesses everyone for their safety and protection, the faithfuls join in prayer with the hope that the pandemic will soon end.


Every 2nd Sunday of February



A community of Christ-like disciples, empowered and sent through effective servant leadership, moving towards becoming Church of the Poor

United in our love of God under the patronage of the

Holy Family, we are committed to build Basic Ecclesial Communities, founded on stronger families by:

  • Developing Servant-Leaders

  • Continuing Evangelization

  • Deepening of Christian Worship

  • Being proponents of stewardship

  • Being sensitive and responsive to the needs of the poor


  • Fr. Mariano C. Borlongan (1980-1984)

  • Fr. Cesar Macariola (1984-1989)

  • Fr. Roger A. Parian (1989-1995)

  • Fr. Arnel Recinto (1995-2001)

  • Fr. Joey Irlandez (2001-2006)

  • Fr. Ben C. Arceño (2006-2012)

  • Fr. William C. Garcia (2012-2018)

  • Rev. Fr. Luisito O. Caupayan (2018 – Present)


Use your gifts and passions to serve and minister to others.


Be a part of our ministry!


  • Holy Family Parish – Kamias is composed of 2 barangays, Brgy. East Kamias and Brgy. West Kamias. With a population of (as of 2015) 11,124 (6,206 for East Kamias and 4,918 for West Kamias)­­ Holy Family Parish serves this community bordered by Kamias Road (up to Kamias Extension), EDSA, and K-10 St. (up to Upper K-10), and Lagarian creek.

  • The community is composed primarily of residential areas, with a few commercial areas along Kamias Road, K-J, K-10 (near the West Kamias Barangay Hall), and Anonas Road.

  • Nearby hospitals are Delgado Hospital along Kamuning Road, World City Medical Center along Aurora Boulevard, East Avenue Medical Center, Philippine Heart Center, and National Kidney and Transplant Institute along East Avenue. Nearby police stations are Police Station 9 along Anonas and Police Station 10 along EDSA, near Bernardo Park.

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